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Custom Programming

Custom programming for your Traffic Exchange. If you are having issue with getting something working right or fixing something on your Traffic Exchange that is broken then we may be able to help! Contact Me Now.

Just some of the things we can help with:

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Cost will vary depending on the size and length of time to complete. Time is limited so please check my availability.

Custom LFMTE Mods

I have a lot of custom made Mods available for your TE. You've probably have seen many of my mods in TE's across the industry!

I have a large list of custom mods that you can choose from and I am constantly adding more.

Item Details

Check out some of what we have to offer below in the Products Section.

Custom Mods Available

  • Prizebox Mod

    Users can purchase a square in a 5x5 grid and when all boxes are filled 3 random squares are picked and will win a prize. Users Gravatar image is shown in the boxes purchased which also increases their brand.

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  • ETEM Badge Claiming System

    Tired of getting support tickets about people missing a badge? Nothing is worse for a member than missing a badge then having to open a support ticket. Now you can make badges available to reclaim if missed. They can only claim the badges 1 time (either in surf or in the member area. No sharing badges with their friends!


  • Daily Rewards Mod

    Reward members for loggin in each day and surfing 50 pages. Rewards increase each consecutive day they complete surf requirement. Build loyal members by rewarding them for coming back every single day.

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  • Custom Chat Mod

    Custom Chat Mod for the classic surfbar. Features Gravatar images and smilies. Built to work directly with the user membership so there is no need to register a chat account or anything. Just surf and type!


  • Simple Prize Page

    Very basic prize page. Display 3 images and user selects 1 to reveal their prize. Prizes can be set to Text, Banner, Credits, or Cash and has a randomizer so not the same prize is given over and over. Win percentages can be defined per prize type.

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  • Hangman Mod

    Classic Game of Hangman. You set the Phrases for members to solve. You have the ability to attach text and banner ads with each phrase that is set. Prize is set for a random banner amount.

  • Private Messaging Mod

    Give the members of your traffic exchange the ability to send private messages to each other. Includes Inbox, Sent Items, Deleted Items and a Compose Message area. Notification on member home page and in surf links.


  • Custom Profile Mod

    Let the members have their own social profile page. Includes their Gravatar picture, name and social links like Facebook and Twitter. Also comes with a social feed so members can leave a public messages to the member.


  • Promo Code Mod

    Simple promotion code mod with the ability to give text, banner, credits, cash, or even upgrades using a promo code of your choosing. Simple, easy to use and lets you give out bonuses with ease.

    View Video Tutorial


  • Daily Raffle Mod

    Members can win raffle tickets for surfing x amount of pages for a daily drawing. If you win the raffle for the day, you get to select a random prize from an array of prizes. When all prizes are given the board resets.

    View Video Tutorial


  • CTP Promo Scheduler

    Schedule your Click Track Profit Promos so you don't have to be present to enable and disable them at 8am Eastern Time zone each day.

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  • Slot Machine Mod

    A Slot Machine for you LFMTE site. Complete with odds settings, and a progressive jackpot. Set the increase amount for the jackpot which increases every time a surfer plays the slot. Members can earn tokens from surfing.

    View Video Tutorial


  • CTP Badge Claim Page

    Need help setting up your CTP Badges? If it's an incremental badge found when surfing, or a badge members can claim from your members area I can set it up for you. Just let me know what you need.


  • Member Stats

    Member overview stats shown on the members home page or anywhere else you would like. Information includes but not limited to... Gravatar photo, name, credits, banners, textads, account level, and more.


  • Gravatar Classic Surf Bar

    Include a gravatar image to be shown for each advertiser. Help the members brand themselves and increase their awareness. Also includes first and last names, and connection links to social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Skype, and Youtube.


  • Surfer Ranking Mod

    Surfer Rankings displayed in the surf footer and a ranking chart in the back office. You can choose a prize for the top 10 surfers daily (cash, credits, banners, or texts). Surfers will easily know where they rank with all active surfers for the day. Know how many more pages to surf to catch the person in front of you. Create a competitve aspect in your TE.


About & Legal

Terms and Conditions

1 All purchases include installation, minimal design, and basic support. We will need temporary access to you cPanel and phpMyAdmin and in most cases your LFMTE Administrator account.

If you do not have access to these tools we will need the equivalant or we will not be able to complete the installation.


Turnaround Time


In most cases the custom mods I have can be installed 24-48hrs after payment is made.

For custom made mods this time would take much longer and will depend on the amount of custom jobs I current have in my queue.



3 I will provide free support for the mods I install for up to 30days after installation date.

Feel free to contact me anytime if you have issues with anything I have worked on. If it has been more than 30days, we can work out a cost for fixes or repairs.


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Goettman Marketing Systems, LLC
Eric R. Goettman
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Don't hesitate to contact us about anything you want. We are open to questions, comments and suggestions.

Contact Me For Payments and Availability.